Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do offers martial arts training for all ages and fitness levels.

Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do is a full-service martial arts training and fitness program for the whole family located in Boynton Beach, FL. Serving Palm Beach County, including Delray Beach and Lake Worth, Rae’s TKD Academy offers classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced martial arts students of all ages, from pre-K to adults. Tae Kwon Do (sometimes spelled taekwondo) is a traditional form of martial arts originating in Korea. It is similar to karate (which originated in Japan). At Rae’s Tae Kwon Do Academy, we focus on helping each student reach their personal best, with an emphasis on integrity, honesty, self-discipline and focus. We’ve started students in our Tigers program as young as 3 and our adult program can be adapted for people of all skill and fitness levels. Our youth programs also include school after-care, day and summer camps, and parents’ night out evening events. At the core of each is our Raise Leaders leadership program, which emphasizes personal responsibility and service to others.


Our Staff

All classes are taught by Kukkiwon-certified black belt instructors belonging to the USA Taekwondo Organization. All black belts achieved are Kukkiwon certified. Instructors are assisted by students in our Raise Leaders program.

Our Instructor Promise

To empower students in becoming well rounded, versatile, open-minded and excellent martial arts technicians in the most efficient way possible. We will provide you with a safe and positive training environment. Our classes will be fun, exciting, educational and empowering.

Our History

Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do has been serving Palm Beach County since 1989. Founded as Lim’s Traditional Tae Kwon Do by Gail Reichart and John Nelson under Master Chang Soo Lim. The name was changed to Rae’s in 2001 when former student and champion Ginger Rae took over ownership from her former trainer. Ginger’s daughter, Elysha Rae Schneider with business partner Jessica Ramos continue the legacy with the Raise Leaders program.

Raise Leaders

Tae Kwon Do is about more than physical skill building. It is a way of life that promotes integrity, commitment and service to others. Raise Leaders is the leadership program at Rae’s TKD. It is woven into every class, camp day and special event. Students who embrace the Raise Leader principals also serve their peers by helping in classes and around the dojang as well as within our community.

Our Families

We are a family school. We work together with our students and parents to create a safe and rewarding environment that fosters achievement and personal development both in and out of the classroom. 90% of our students are on the honor roll.

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What are Rae's Academy families saying?

  • 11130367_10153107344156066_6764975883855355335_oPatrick Schneider

    "Wonderful school with a great atmosphere full of understanding , compassion, and a great place to grow!"

  • 10433142_947319045294492_708230757473184682_nPaula Rae Forastiero

    "The Best...Both for martial arts training and their leadership and camp programs... The whole family takes classes!

  • 555254_356900707750573_2056455213_nSandra Simonson

    "This is the best tae kwon do school! My son started when he was 5. Now 18 and a black belt. It has always been his second home, his adoptive family. Thank you for all you've done for him. He wouldn't be who he is today if it wasn't for you!"

  • Gavyn does formsMelissa Maher

    "What a great belt test and show of talent and achievement by all the students! Our kids really say the aftercare is like a family."

  • 10366015_675350839238890_1267023125452675186_nEllen Kolb

    “I took my daughter Coralee to Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do to learn and grow. I want to thank everyone for helping her believe in her capabilities and motivate her to do well. Rae’s has not only helped her, but all the other children. The kindness of you all will prepare them as individuals to face challenges and will help them to improve even more. Again, thank you and more power!”